Mesh texture fiber Earpad fit for SMARTCOM/Eartec Ultralite Headset (2 pieces)


In order to ensure its comfort level is at the maximum, we have used a Mesh Texture Fiber material for the earpads of our SMARTCOM or Eartec Ultralite Headset. The breathability and skin-friendly texture of the newly improved earpads are filled with inert memory foam which molds in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributing the weight to ensure comfortable wear. Built to be soft and delicate, you won’t feel tired and experience fatigue even after long hours of use.

Earpad only fit for SMARTCOM Headset and Eartec Ultralite Headset

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Features & details

Compatibility: Fit perfectly on “SMARTCOM” / “Eartec Ultralite” Headset.

OUR INGENUITY: Experience ultimate comfort with our high-quality mesh texture fiber and high-density foam, designed to wick away sweat and Anti slip even during long use sessions.

Enhanced Sound: Your old earpads negatively affect the sound quality of your headphones. We promise you will immediately feel the difference as soon as you wear them.

Flawless Installation: Our earpads perfectly fit your headsets and you can complete the entire installation within a few second.

Rugged Durability: We added stitching and mighty glue on the inside seams of each earpad to prevent them from splitting. We continue to develop more professional and ergonomic ear pads.

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