Oil Bath Module


Oil Bath Module x 1Pc

Accessory x 1 Set

Must be operated with “SMART LAPPING SYSTEM”

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Oil Bath Module (SMART LAPPING SYSTEM does not include)

SMART Engine Lapping System offered a switchable module between the Oil Bath Break In Method and Running Oil Break In Method, you can select a specific module for your preference.

Main Features:

Built-in heater and fan cooler – To control your engine temperature in a faster and accurate way. Heating the engine to a specific temperature before each operating is very important to a new engine. Piston and Linear can be damaged if the temperature is not reached the operating temperature. The system will also cool down the engine to a specific temperature after each operating. Cooling down a hot engine may take a long time, the included cooling fan can be done this quicker and reliable than manually. Temperature control is one of the keys in the engine break in process.


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