SMART Engine Break In Box


Please take note that the included heatsink will not fit REDS Engine, if you are a REDS Engine user you will need this spacer for your engine.

Heatsink Spacer (Designed for Reds Engine)

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Although the accuracy of the engine components is already produced by high precision instruments, they still need for break-in process to let our engine archive the best performance and increase the durability.

After the engine is assembled, the piston must be more encrypted with the cylinder surface through break-in to achieve the best performance of the engine. During the break-in engine process, you must restrain overheat or speed. Do not over push on the throttle and excessively increase the speed. When the engine is break in, please try to let the engine reach the working temperature. Avoid heavy loading as much as possible during the break in of the new engine. You can solve all these problems with our new break in system – SMART Engine Break In Box.

The SMART Engine Break In Box is the first propeller break-in system with built-in all necessary break in tools in a compact system. A compact and professional break in tool for your engine.


Included hardware:

  • Built-In Starter
  • Built-In Display
  • RPM Sensor
  • Temperature Controller
  • Heater
  • Accurate Adjustable Throttle Linkage
  • Built-In Fuel Pump
  • Large Fuel Tank (500cc)
  • Operate by DC 12-14.8V



Safety, the propeller is protected by a large safety cover to avoid unnecessary accidents or injury during the system operation. Built-in starter, a simpler and easier way to start up a brand new engine without extra tools. The adjustable engine mount and exhaust pipe holder will fit most .21 and .12 scale engines (Optional .12 Scale Engine Mount Required) and exhausts in the market. The combination of RPM and Temperature controller prompt the accurate live time data on the display. Refill the large fuel tank through the Fuel Inlet/Outlet flawlessly with the built-in fuel pump. The system is fully protected by an individual’s fuse block to provide safety and worry-free user experience. Last but not least, the adjustable parameter in the system will fit your engine break in preference.


Adjustable Parameter:

  • Heater On Temperature
  • Heater Off Temperature
  • Upper Temperature Limit
  • Lower Temperature Limit
  • Temp-Correction
  • Delayed Start
  • High Temperature Warning
  • Low Temperature Warning
  • Temperature Unit C/F
  • Data Lock



Requires: Engine, Exhaust pipe, Ignitor

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