Smart Tire Truer

Smart Tire Truer

Colour Touch Panel

-4.3″ 480×272 wide viewing angle colour touch panel easy for user key in all the parameters and operate the machine

STTM Display
STTM-Right image

Wheel Adaptor

-Changeable wheel adaptor  (Wheel adaptor not include)

-Quick changeable 1/8, 1/10 and 1/12 wheel adaptor, no alignment need after the change

Detection Sensor

-High accuracy Infrared sensor for auto detection. Auto Sensor clearing function will operate once the truing process completed

STTM-Infer Light image
STTM-Dust Cover image

Dust Cover

-Flexible dust cover avoids ground rubber go inside the machine for easy clean up


Build-in measuring ruler

-With build-in laser marking measuring ruler easy for reference checking

STTM-Mesureing Tape image
STTM-Emergency Stop image

Emergency Stop Switch

-Emergency stop button set in an easy-accessible location to provide instant power cutoff


Transparent Plexiglass Protective cover

-Protective cover fully covered the moving parts to avoid any possible injuries to the user

STTM-Safty Cover-1 image
SEBIS-Fuse protection image

Fuse Protection

-Dual fuse overload protection for Turing motor and CPU controller. Power Board design with Reverse Polarity protection

Alignment Block

-Alignment block for easy setup XY-home position and sensor alignment

STTM-Aligment Block


There are many different brands in the market that already sell the traditional Tire Truer. However, none of them is completely automatic and automates the entire process. Our team has decided to take on this challenge and break through the traditional design concept. Finally, we have conceived this concept and are proud to introduce a fully automatic Tire Truer called the “SMART Tire Truer”.

With this SMART Tire Truer, all you need to do is key in the tire parameters (such as original diameter, finish diameter, angle of the camber and radius of the round edge) and you save those parameters. Once saved, press the start icon and our machine will do all the remaining work for you.

Our SMART Tire Truer comes with 6 different programmable profiles which provide the flexibility to set truing parameters independently for each one to accommodate any needs. Other than setting the tire parameters, we also have 9 levels of travelling speed for users to choose from.

Our design team pursues developing products with perfect functions, but we pay closer attention to product quality, reliability and safety. Hence, we have designed a full safety cover to avoid any possible injuries to the user. An emergency stop button has also been set in an easily-accessible location to provide instant power cutoff during abnormal operation that occurred by the user. The power motor and electronic boards are also protected by separate fuses to make sure all the parts work in a safe environment.

Main features:

– Operating by Color touch screen

– With 6 different programmable profiles. This provides the flexibility to set truing parameters independently for each to accommodate for nearly any need.

– Fully automatic truing tire diameter and edging by one-touch button.

– Truing diameter (35-86mm), truing angle (0°-2.5°) and edging radius (3-10mm)

– Heavy Duty Truing motor provides regulated speed for fully automatic truing.

– Dual fuses overload protection for Truing motor and CPU controller.

– Changeable adapter for all classes – 1/8, 1/10, 1/12. (Adapter not include)

– Extra volume collecting container for ground rubber.

– Transparent plexiglass protective cover.

– Emergency Switch provides a safety feature.

– Delivered in an Exclusive aluminium box. (Option: Exclusive Carrying bag)

– Operator by DC 12 Volt.